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HPE brings foremost composable infrastructure ...

VMware’s premier thought leadership destination, VMworld, is continuously bringing new innovations for cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology professionals. At the VMworld conference, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a composable platform for VMware Cloud Foundation for the first time in the industry. Composable infrastructure allows organizations to compose physical and virtual compute, fabric pools, storage into the desired configuration per application and can then be recomposed as per the need. It will help organizations get digitally transformed with hybrid IT infrastructure, get private clouds and IaaS quickly with lower VM costs by as much as 50%, as compared to legacy server racks and public cloud services. This solution is based on the HPE Synergy, the foremost platform that’s built from scratch for Composable Infrastructure, empowers IT for creating and delivering new value continuously. Using it, workloads can be deployed easily across private cloud…
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