Your Server Died and Your Backups are Gone. ...

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Admitting that you have made a mistake is never easy. When it happens at work, it can be even more difficult to own up to because in some cases you may feel your career is on the line. But how you deal with the aftermath of a mistake as an IT pro can go a long way in showing your manager that you are dependable in a crisis and know how to use creative problem-solving under pressure.
While not all IT screw-ups go as viral as this one on Reddit, mistakes can happen at any time and to companies of any size. For a recent example, look at Cisco. Earlier this month, its engineering team made a configuration error on its Meraki object storage, leading to loss of user data. The company had to work over the weekend to investigate what data could be recovered and what tools it can build to help customers identify the data that had been lost.
In this example, the issue was externally facing, so a PR strategy had to be devised. But what if the issue is something more internally-facing, like a company server that has been fried with no backups?
IT Pro asked experts to weigh in on what the best course of action is in the case that a server goes down, and the backups that were supposed to be in place are not working. What are the steps that an IT pro should take before, during, and after to recover from the situation and move on?
Before a similar scenario happens to you, it is important to know that there are many preventative steps that can be taken. But if it
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