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Top Offshore Hosting Providers

There are many reasons for choosing offshore web-hosting, and you should consider them carefully before making a decision.

But if you decide to go the off-shore webhosting route, here is our current selection of some excellent offshore hosting providers.

  1. Shinjiru, provides World-class Offshore Web Hosting
    Shinjiru started in 1998 and is the only offshore web hosting provider with a ISO9001:2008 quality certification. They operate from seven worldwide locations: Singapore, Malaysia, Moscow, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  2. eUKhost the leading United Kingdom Webhosting Provider
    They offer affordable, fast and highly secure U.K. (England) offshore web hosting, and has been in business since 2001. Great variety of premium services, and highly recommended!
  3. Hawk Host, for Awesome Offshore Web Hosting!
    In addition to US hosting, they also offer reliable offshore hosting in Singapore and Amsterdam.
  4. EuroVPS, the European Off-Shore Hosting Authority
    They offer shared, dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting, and their state-of-the-art datacenter is centrally located in Amsterdam.

You can find more great off-shore web hosts at gamblinghosting.com.

Know of or have experience with any other reliable offshore hosting companies? Please let us know and we’ll consider adding them to this list.