VMware to launch AppDefense to secure its VMs

VMware is all set to roll out its new product named ‘App Defense’ for protecting its software from cyber-attacks. It will significantly enhance the security of the core VMs (virtual machines) in its most used vSphere server virtualization product. By securing the core VM against malwares and other threats, it will help organizations working in the cloud or virtualized systems to create least privilege environments around their applications. “AppDefense lets the virtual machine learn good behavior and any time it sees behavior that deviates from that it can take action.” – Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware. VMware technologies have been long working with enterprises to help them simplify the IT complexities and streamline operations, to help them become more efficient and profitable. This move is a step forward in that direction as AppDefense will be embedded in VSAN data storage and VMWare’s NSX networking products. There are other such security products too from different…
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