Hackers have now attacked the online sites who were using a customer support extension built using Magento, as reported by security researcher Willem de Groot. The extension called Mirasvit Helpdesk MX, is used by online merchants to show a “Chat with us” widget on the Magento shops. WebShield, the Hungarian security firm, had reported in September 2017 that Mirasvit Helpdesk extension was vulnerable to two flaws. One enabled hackers to upload files to Magento servers, while another was found to be a banal cross-site scripting issue. According to de Groot, the hackers have this time used the cross-site scripting issue to crack Magento sites. He said that attackers injected the malicious code (XSS payload) in the “Chat with us” widget displayed on Magento stores, whose messages were stored in Magento database. Once injected, the malicious code executed on the pages in the Magento store to collect sensitive payment information of customers from the checkout process. The support…
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Troon, SCOTLAND – MaidSafe, developer of the world’s first and only autonomous data network, is announcing the Authenticator Release of the SAFE Network. This Alpha 2 release includes a new mechanism for access control (the Authenticator) that integrates mobile platform support, as well as updated demonstration apps. MaidSafe’s progress underlines its commitment to making the security of data its paramount concern from the outset.

The Authenticator provides secure network access, which is now enforced by the network, automating the protection of data. It is bundled with the SAFE Browser, and in addition to supporting Windows, OSX and Linux, it now also incorporates support for Android, with iOS support in the works. While these moves into mobile are a technology preview they are designed to show how the SAFE Network accommodates mobile devices. In the coming months, MaidSafe will provide mobile developers with the tools and documentation to start developing SAFE mobile apps.

The updated desktop tutorial applications are SAFE Mail and the Web Hosting Manager. SAFE Mail provides end to end encrypted email using the public key of the recipient to encrypt the message, so only the recipient can read its contents. The Web Hosting Manager allows users to create their own public ID enabling users to upload and publish content instantly. The two Android example applications are the Authenticator, which provides network access, and SAFE Messages, which facilitates end to end encrypted mail.

“We’re delighted to announce the next milestone for the SAFE Network, which has required a methodical and rigorous approach at all times to ensure we are protecting data from the outset,” said David Irvine, founder and CEO, MaidSafe. “We have made a huge investment in time and resources to get to this point, which we believe has given us a unique technical advantage. The SAFE Network is based on over 11 years R&D, 20 granted patents and 12 pending and 19 test networks. We’re confident, that unlike the blockchain alternatives, our network is the first and only autonomous one that can protect data.”

Work on future Alpha releases is continuing as MaidSafe expands its global development team to progress critical functionality such as an autonomous secure routing layer. This will see the network architecture become more decentralised. It will enable users to run routing nodes and provide secure transient data. There is also on-going work on secure autonomous storage with user run vaults facilitating a much broader range of decentralised apps.

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Q: How much time does a Web hosting company take to make my site visible on the internet?

A: Setup times differ from host to host, but in most cases the website publishing is pretty much instantly (provided you have uploaded your web pages already, as well as have changed the nameservers to those of your host at the domain registrar, and they’ve propagated).

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