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Serverius initiates the start of a new internet exchange: the AS-IX It’s a non commercial peering initiative between several network and datacenter owners which are offering free 10G peering ports and a 1G VLAN from their own network PoP locations.

“The AS-IX is much more powerful than conventional internet exchanges” Sergey Petukhin says. “Also the AS-IX network range is quite large from the start. Members can already connect on many places in the Netherlands. From the upper north to the Amsterdam region. Therefore the AS-IX is much more than another new internet exchange initiative like there are many“.

The AS-IX is started by Serverius because we where offerring free L2 data transport between our own network PoP locations for years. In August 2017 this year a peering VLAN with route servers was added to exchange data-traffic between BGP users. Also non Serverius clients where allowed to join the party and in August 2017 Atom86 became Partner which expanded the AS-IX outside Serverius. Later on this year some other networks will join. By offering free 10G peering ports with a 1G L2 VLAN per client the main goal was achieved. Because of the success of the peering exchange and free VLANs, the Serverius engineers changed the project environment to a professional Autonomous Internet exchange point. A new name was born: AS-IX.

Of course, the AS-IX it is not the replacement of our friends like AMS-IX, DE-CIX and NL-IX. The AS-IX offers the same functionality but with a smaller network and less users and therefore less data-traffic. Therefore it’s a good way to transport local data-traffic between the members. And it’s free, every Mbps will cost a user really noting. Not only for some period, but lifetime.

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