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Growing Internet of Things (IoT) spend is set to drive a wave of new IT infrastructure over the next 12 months, according to recent analysis by 451 Research.
According to the Voice of the Enterprise: IoT – Workloads and Key Projects, 65.6 percent of respondents plan to increase their spending on IoT projects in the next 12 months, with the average spend increase totaling 17.7 percent. Only 2.7 percent of respondents are planning to decrease spending.
Specifically, organizations that are deploying IoT projects over the next 12 months plan to increase storage capacity (32.4 percent), network edge equipment (30.2 percent), server infrastructure (29.4 percent) and off-premises cloud infrastructure (27.2 percent).
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Storage infrastructure is the top area affected by IoT. Most respondents said they store IoT data in company-owned data centers (53.1 percent), and once the data is analyzed, two-thirds of respondents continue to store the data at those same data centers, while one-third move data to a public cloud. Cloud storage can offer organizations more flexibility and significant cost savings over the long term of storing IoT data, 451 Research said.
Just under half of respondents said they do IoT data processing at the edge, on the IoT device (22.2 percent) or in nearby IT infrastructure (23.3 percent).
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