Microsoft deploys eco-friendly datacenter ...

Microsoft has deployed (indeed sunk) a shipping-container-sized datacenter in the sea near Orkney Islands in Scotland as a part of its moonshot initiative dubbed Project Natick. The 40-feet long datacenter can embrace 12 racks of 864 servers and 27.6 petabytes of disk. It can hold data and process information for up to five years without maintenance, Microsoft claimed. The capsule-shaped Northern Isles datacenter is as powerful as thousands of high-end personal computers. It will harness the low temperature of sea water to cool the datacenter externally. The biggest benefit of this datacenter will be dramatic reduction in cooling costs and electricity consumption. For cooling the internal hardware, Microsoft is using specialized radiators that leverage technology from submarines. The datacenter was tested in France and has been deployed at the European Marina Energy Centre. Natick will use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect any signs of failure in servers or any other equipment….
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